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  • Hope Lives 2024

    We are still experiencing the warm afterglow of the 2024 Hope Lives Banquet. We wanted to share some fantastic highlights captured by Northern Exposure Photography from the night of the banquet and recognize those who helped to make this event possible! read more
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  • Desert Road

    Last week, the heaviness seemed to follow me. It is not often I feel the weight of others' trauma (a gift from God). Last week seemed to be one person, one story, one broken, wounded life after another. Those carrying the weight, with no hope. read more
  • Keep Fighting

    We love them, not a pretend love because itís our ďjobĒ. We love them because most of the time itís easy to, because they are loveable because they are the strongest, most determined, beautiful people. read more
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  • Room 1124

    "In the last three years I've been to treatment three times. Relapse is part of my story but I'm not giving up and neither should you. Keep fighting and share your story with others." read more
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  • Somebody's Someone

    read more
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  • We All Need Recovery

    When we hear the word ďrecoveryĒ, we tend to equate it to those struggling with addiction. In our realm, itís primarily what we see because those are the people we serve. However, recovery isnít just for those struggling with substance abuse, itís for everyone. read more
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  • Live Like You Are Loved

    February has been deemed the ďMonth of Love.Ē Itís a time when people show their affections to one another through gift-giving, date nights, and time spent together. At Rising Above, we view this month a little differently. read more
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  • Hope Still Lives

    For the first time since 2019, Rising Above's Hope Lives Banquet is BACK! We invite you to join us for an evening of storytelling by those who have been impacted by what God's doing through our ministry and enjoy fellowship with friends old and new. read more
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  • Power of Story

    We are not afraid to share stories of what goes on within our walls. When we ask a participant to share their story, it says to them your story matters. We believe these stories and quick snippets into the lives of those we serve humanize our clients and gives them the opportunity to share what the Lord has done for them. read more
  • Share-a-thon Update

    Share-a-thon 2021 was a huge success...again!! Our supporters have shown us just how generous they are by sending us over our fundraising goal for the 3rd year in a row. read more
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