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Q: What should I bring into the program with me?

A: Clothing, towels, pillow and bedding for a single bed, toiletries, groceries to get you started, and any personal items you wish to bring with you. Keep in mind you will have to store all personal items in your space so please do not overpack. 


A: No.

Q: how many people are housed in the program?

A: 33 (19 men, 14 women)

q: is there a waitlist to get into the program?

A: We usually have waitlists.

Q: do we have MANY freedoms while in the program?

A: Outside of scheduled programming, you will have free time and freedom to do whatever it is you wish, just as long as it does not violate program requirements and rules.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: $500.00 a month + a one-time $350.00 damage deposit. This excludes items such as groceries, transportation including cabs and bus fares, cigarettes, toiletries, personal items. There are programs in the area that assist with groceries such as The Pantry at Grande Prairie Alliance Church and the Salvation Army. 

Q: is there financial aid available to cover the cost of the program?

A: Yes. E.I., bands, and Alberta Supports. A staff member can assist you with the process of receiving financial aid if you haven't already done so before being admitted into the program.

Q: Are there restrictions on what I can bring with me?

A: No weapons (includes pocket knives), mouthwash with alcohol, pornography, marijuana-related medications including CBH oil and THC, steroids, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, or drugs.

Q: Can I keep my phone?

A: Yes, but please follow the rules regarding cellphone usage.

Q: Can I smoke?

A: Yes, but only in designated smoking areas. No vaping indoors.

Q: Am I allowed to visit family and friends while in the program?

A: You may visit friends and family as long as it doesn't interfere with your programming. All out of town or overnight visits must be pre-approved through your Case Manager.

Q: What are the requirements for admission?

A: 7-days clean time, successful application and interview process, and clean drug and breathalyzer test upon admission. 

Q: am i allowed to be employed while in the program?

A: This is something that will be discussed between you and your Case Manager. 

q: do I have to stay for the entire 6-months?

A: This is a 6-month program so we expect you to treat it as such. 

q: Can I bring my children into the program with me?

A: No, this is an 18+ program for adults only.


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