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Grad Day (Ron, Leah and Micheal)

Recovery was easy."

-said no one ever

When we look at these three individuals, we see 18 combined months of hard recovery. Ron, Leah and Micheal spent the past 6-month laying the new foundation of their lives in hopes of a better future. We are so proud of these three and the hard work they put into the program.

Leah - she came in as a girl and is walking out a determined young woman.

Ron - he came in knowing he had to do something different this time around the recovery sun...and he did it.

Micheal - he came in broken beyond broken and is leaving with hope for a better future.

This program won't fix you. It won't snap it's magical program fingers and take away your problems. But what it will do is give you the tools to carrying into a future you want to see. It will give you a new foundation for you to build your life upon. It will give you access to a network of likeminded people who will encourage you and cheer you on as you work towards achieving something you once thought impossible. And, if you allow it, it will address the dark and broken areas in your heart and bring healing to your soul. Recovery is NOT easy...but it IS worth it.

Ron, Leah and Micheal...welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives.

We couldn't be more proud.

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