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Understanding Series

Understanding Addictions

  • What are addictions?
  • The mechanics of addictions
  • Why do some people become addicted and others do not?
  • Is there hope for the addict?

Understanding Self-Esteem

  • Common unhealthy sources of self-esteem
  • Healthy sources for self- esteem
  • Key barriers to self-esteem
  • Steps to develop self-esteem

Understanding Anger

  • An overview of the sources of anger
  • Recognizing "hidden anger"
  • Why is it hard to let go?
  • The power of forgiveness

Understanding Emotions

  • Identifying emotional triggers
  • How do emotions dictate behaviour?
  • Trauma and emotional pain
  • Why do emotional wounds cause us to be stuck
  • Is there healing for emotional wounds

Understanding shame and guilt

  • The destructive power of shame
  • Recognizing the difference between shame and guilt
  • Why it is hard to let go of shame and guilt
  • Freedom from shame and guilt

Understanding Interpersonal Relationships

  • The grip of co-dependency
  • Dealing with toxic people
  • Why there is fear in relationships
  • Breaking enabling behaviours