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Inner Healing

Inner Healing

What to expect during a session 

We use the term “ Inner Healing” to describe the one-on-one sessions that are available to our residential participants and to the community.  

Inner Healing is a unique process that quickly uncovers the root issues that addictions or other destructive behaviors are attempting to mask. This process includes working with traumatic memories to get to the source of our core beliefs. It’s our faulty beliefs that are the cause of our problems. These beliefs will attack our identity (worthless, unlovable, abandoned, overlooked, ashamed) and/or our state of being (hopeless, powerless). As long as these beliefs remain we will behave accordingly, the result is “cycles of defeat” and destructive behavior patterns. Once these beliefs are resolved, real freedom and peace can be felt. Our behaviors reflect this and the “cycle of defeat” is broken.

Inner Healing is not counselling, it is more of a spiritual journey. The role of our facilitators is not to counsel you with advice, rather the facilitator is simply there to help you get to the root of the problem and expose the lie that you have believed about yourself.  The healing comes when you hear God’s truth which breaks the power of the lie. Jesus said, “  the truth will set you free”. That is the best description of inner healing.

You don’t have to be religious to receive powerful healing and freedom. You just have to be willing to do 2 things :  

  •  Own your emotional pain and allow yourself to feel the hurt. This can be difficult because many have developed some pretty good skills (walls) to avoid feeling. 
  • Be open to hear what God wants you to know.  

If you can honestly say, “God, I don’t know if you are real or not. If you are, I’m willing to hear what you want me to know”, you will experience freedom from past trauma and be released from “cycles of defeat”.

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