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November 2 2016

A huge thanks to all of those who have volunteered at Park Campus.  The hundreds of hours of volunteer work by individuals,  families, businesses, and small-groups has paid off.  Park Campus is beginning to look like a safe place for people deal with addictions and hard issues.  The transformation is amazing.

The work continues.  November is crunch month for the residential side as we anticipate moving the men in at the end of the month.  We have some painting to finish, base covers to glue on, and beds to put in place.    There is still some plumbing that needs to be done and doors to be installed.   Of course we need volunteers for general cleaning and organizing.

On the admin side, things are progressing as well. We need help in a variety of areas so skilled and unskilled people are needed. 

Drop by Monday’s, Friday’s, and Saturday’s  10:00-4:00

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

May 13, 2016

What’s happening at Park Campus?  The stuff that is going on at park campus right now is more about engineer reports, technical drawings, code compliance requirements and obtaining building permits.   As well the decorating team have meeting regularly to determine the best way to transform this facility into a men’s residence that would be conducive to healing and recovery.

Soon, the hands on work will begin.  We are excited about the potential to see teams of volunteers transforming the facility into an amazing residence, administration, counselling, and teaching space. 

You can join the list of volunteers by contacting Greta and becoming part of this journey.

Answered Prayer for Rising Above

These are exciting days for Rising Above as we move towards finalizing the long-term (15-year) Lease with the City of Grande Prairie for use of the former Young Offenders Centre. The journey to become the tenant of this facility began in August 2015, when we entered the RFP process for the repurposing of the YOC facility.   After many twists and turns Rising Above reached an agreement with the City of Grande Prairie to redevelop this once vacant building, into our new RISING ABOVE PARK CAMPUS. Rising Above Park Campus, a community outreach facility, will house our men’s residential treatment program, administration offices, classroom/training facilities and counselling offices. This redevelopment will not be a simple task, since the facility housed a remand center with detention cells, and security systems installed to keep the residents secured within it. Rising Above Park Campus will not be this type of facility, BUT more like a FREEDOM FACILITY that supports the treatment of men and women trapped in ‘cycles of defeat’. This facility will compliment our existing two houses used for women, and provide another safe and sober environment for our participants. This facility will replace our outdated and overcrowded men’s residence located downtown. It will increase our capacity from 9 to 16 men and enable us to meet the ever increasing demand for our program, which has a waiting list consistently. Also available in this building will be increased classroom and training space for our participants and community outreach services.

Rising Above Ministry continues to be blessed by the support of individuals, businesses, and churches in Grande Prairie. As we embark on this awesome opportunity to expand our services in Grande Prairie, we require ever more resources to transition into this next phase. This move requires Rising Above to use its current capital fund to pay for up-front costs for the required Safety Code upgrades for the facility. Any additional ‘improvements’ (i.e. painting, flooring upgrades, de-institutionalizing, interior rooms renovations, etc.) require more resources, which we trust will come from our supporters as they invest in the facility for the future. Once these initial upgrades and renovations are complete we will pay the city $1 a year lease and they will give us an operating grant that will be close to covering the cost of utilities on the facility.         

To volunteer to help with facility work, please Click Here

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